Can't add Vercel Integration back after having it removed once

Hey there ! Neon is a fantastic product, let’s start from here.
I am stuck in error limbo - I successfully integrated Neon with Vercel through the marketplace once
I then learned how branches work and then did some cleanup and removed all the branches and the Vercel integration
Now that I want it back (of course) I can’t use the Neon Integration in Vercel
First error is : role already exists
If I do retry : error is “env variables already set please delete”
When I delete them : role already exists (again)
And if I cancel the integration, the env variables don’t persist so I have to enter them manually for now.
Any clue ?
Thanks !

Did you try removing the integration from Neon on the integration page? And make sure DATABASE_URL and PG* env variables are not set in vercel.

Thanks for the reply!
The integration does not appear on Neon integrations page
And yes I had removed everything from Vercel

i have the same issue

We are investigating the issue and will fix it within a week. Meanwhile, if it works for you, recreating a Neon project should be a working hotfix

After deleted the neon integration in vercel, too make a new one, i had to delete my neon project and create a new one to redo the integration .