Can I start multiple Compute nodes?

It can create multiple compute nodes but only one is running. But ports are different.

If I start more compute node by “neon_local start a”, existing node will stop and get error:

2022-12-20 07:48:52.610 GMT [52244] PANIC:  WAL acceptor localhost:5454 with term 18 rejected our request, our term 16
2022-12-20 07:48:52.714 GMT [52237] LOG:  background worker "WAL proposer" (PID 52244) was terminated by signal 6: Aborted
2022-12-20 07:48:52.714 GMT [52237] LOG:  terminating any other active server processes
2022-12-20 07:48:52.714 GMT [52237] LOG:  shutting down because restart_after_crash is off
2022-12-20 07:48:52.716 GMT [52237] LOG:  database system is shut down


No, you can’t, as their generated WAL will contradict – safekeepers protect from that. At some point we will be able to spin up read only replicas, but currently support for them is raw.