Are read-replicas available in tech preview?

I was looking at the docs and I couldn’t find how to configure read-replicas (i.e.) hot_standby as postgres calls it (they follow the primary and apply WAL). Is that not available currently?


Read replicas are currently not supported on the hosted version of Neon.

We plan to support read replicas inside our platform sometime after we release branching, but we can’t put a date on when it will be available. If you’d ask me, we’ll probably support read replicas inside our platform starting sometime in the first half of next year. Please note that I’m not responsible for planning feature development, so this might turn out differently from my expectations.

External read replicas probably won’t be available for a long time because our current changes to PostgreSQL include WAL format changes incompatible with the WAL format that the standard version of PostgreSQL has. We are working on removing that incompatibility, but that will only take effect in or after the release of PostgreSQL 16, assuming we can get the changes into the upstream version of PostgreSQL.

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