Is there a way to enable pg_stat_statements?

I’d like to monitor the performance of the database and my queries, tools like pg_stat_statements would be extremely helpful.

However, CREATE extension pg_stat_statements ; has the following error,

ERROR:  permission denied to create extension "pg_stat_statements"
HINT:  Must be superuser to create this extension.

Since users are provisioned from the console, and are not granted superuser, I don’t currently have a way to enable any telemetry extensions.

Will there be an option to enable extensions from the API / console? or is there a way for us to get a permission to create extensions?


Hi, I have the same question. Could somebody answer it?
Thank you.

@bencord0 apologies for the super late response :pray:


We currently don’t support pg_stat_statements. Do you mind sharing more details about your use case? Is the fact that we’re not supporting it yet a blocker for you? We will consider supporting it depending on how often users request it.

I’ll pass this feedback to our Engineering and Product teams, and I’ll let you know when there are plans to support it.

This hasn’t been a blocker for me so far, but it has become very unnerving running without query performance stats.

Even when on the free tier, its hard to judge when I’m about to overload these smaller instances.

@Mahmoud Unfortunately this is a blocker for me on all my projects. Using pg_stat_statements is a pretty standard part of the Ruby on Rails stack. As @bencord0 said, performance insights provide a big peace of mind

We’re adding support for pg_stat_statements in the upcoming few weeks. Will post here when it is officially released :slight_smile: @bencord0 @joshfester @Costa


Ah that is so great! :heart:

Hey guys! The extension is available in all regions! Feel free to install and use it!

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