Console and branches not working

We are receiving a 503 when logging into neon console and all branches except for main stopped working.

Since I can’t login this seems to be my only way of reaching out. Is this an issue just for me or are more people experiencing this?


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Everything is not working, my production databases are unable to reach

Crazy it was exactly between dumping a database to neon and restarting the app for the migration !

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it was 15 minutes with the production system down, we need a statement from the Neon team about what happened, and a guarantee that it won’t happen again

From neonstatus:

This incident has been resolved. We’ll be sharing a postmortem in the coming days, once we’ve gathered all the details.

Hey everyone(@flibustenet @lservo @Samm @abadrangui), apologies for the inconvenience. Here are more details about what happened:

Due to a misconfiguration in our infrastructure, DNS name resolution was affected between our services. This resulted in some projects and the console being temporarily inaccessible.

We’ve already started working on breaking down our current monolith into smaller independent components to minimize the impact in case this happens in the future.

Apologies again for any inconvenience this incident might have caused.

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