Cannot login, cannot access database

Hello, I cannot connect to my database today, neither can I log in…

Is there anywhere I can check the status of Neon?

Alright I can connect to the database again, but logging in is still problematic.

We are running into the same issue.

It’s sporadically working

I had some connexions issues also today. Was it in EU also ?

Yes I am also EU based.

We had a temporary issue with connections to the control-plane database. All queries were just stuck, so that we were not able to authenticate neither API HTTP requests, nor Postgres / libpq connections via proxy properly. That caused two consequent outages of 15 min and 30 min each in all regions.

The root cause is still unclear, but current theory is that it was a database connection pool starvation due to some bug or deadlock. We did some immediate actions to lower the impact in the future: i) control-plane API monitoring and alerting was improved; ii) we fixed some obvious problems in the control-plane database connections pooling code. We are going to continue investigation and keep an eye on this part of the system.

Really sorry for the inconvenience. We are also working on a better communication channel with our users, i.e. having a public status page and history / status of all incidents, but no ETA, yet.

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Beta is not useless !